The old mantra ‘You are what you eat’ also applies to your dog.

Some owners choose a Bones and Raw Food diet (BARF), with the belief that a pre-prepared meal can’t exploit the dog’s full health and behavioural potential. ESSENTIAL FOODS release the same life quality as a BARF diet, without the stress and inconvenience of handling and preparing frozen/raw meat, bones and giblets.

ESSENTIAL FOODS is the revolution in pet nutrition your dog or puppy will thank you for.

We developed ESSENTIALS with the philosophy that quality foods should contribute to releasing your dog’s full potential – through achieving their most balanced behaviour (BOF) and optimal health, year in, year out. We believe you and your dog deserve nothing less. Making our ambitions reality means our ingredients and composition are in a class of their own. All our ingredients are of the highest quality.


High meat content
Between 75-85% of the ingredients are meat. 35-40% in every bag is made from fresh meat. We use fresh free run chicken, Gressingham duck, free range lamb, free range red and fallow deer, Salisbury rainbow trout, Scottish salmon, herring, seasonal fish and whole fresh eggs from United Kingdom.

No meat meal but dried meat
We use dried chicken, duck, salmon, haring or lamb. No meat meal that is made from industrial left over.

Locally sourced fresh meat and ingredients
Minimum 90% of the ingredients are reared, caught, free range or grown in the UK.

Prepared at a low temperature
Many nutrients are heat sensitive. Our low preparation temperature ensures that the nutrients from the high quality ingredients are optimally preserved and not altered. After all, what is the point of high quality ingredients if not to make nutritious food?

Low carbohydrate and quality carbohydrates
Being a meat-rich food, Essentials has less carbohydrate content. We do not use ‘empty’ calories carbohydrates such corn and rice which gives little nutritional value. We also use quality carbohydrate such as Beauregard and Jewel sweet potato, Russet potato and English peas.

100% grain free, gluten free

  • Behavioral Optimising Food (BOF)

    BOF is the principle of developing food to match your dog’s natural diet. We’ve achieved just that. Our food ensures the stability of your dog’s sugar levels. Its high fresh meat content stimulates instincts and our low preparation temperature means your dog gets the best nutritional values. Berries, seeds, and herbs mimic the contents of the prey’s stomach and its size and consistency ensure the meal is chewed before being swallowed.

    Behavioral Optimising Food
    ESSENTIALS will have a positive affect on almost all dogs (BOF). You can expect your dog to be more calm and balanced prior, during and after feeding. Customers have told us about dramatic reductions in their dog’s bad behaviour and in some cases, even complete removal. Try ESSENTIAL FOODS and see what it can do for your dog.

  • Variations

    8 differences recipes,so we can follow your dog throughout his life.

    Health & Quality Assurance
    Our ingredients speak for themselves:
    Prebiotics Pack: MOS & FOS + lucerne
    BerryPack: Cranberry, akai, blueberry, mulberry
    FruitPack: Apple, tomato, orange, pear
    GardenPack: Carrot, peas, spinach, cauliflower
    HerbPack: Seaweed, green tea, ginger, marigold, linseed
    FlexibilityPack: Glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin


Give Us 30 Days And A Challenge

We promise you that within 30 days you’ll notice an improvement, even if your dog is already in optimal balance. We are sure both you and your dog will be completely satisfied with ESSENTIAL FOODS.

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